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New Pint Huggers are a Fun Gift

April 8th, 2014
photo pint hugger

Click to view full-size image

Pint huggers are a great gift for a friend or a client. They are designed to fit on a pint of ice cream, but are stretchy  enough to slip on a paper coffee cup – no more burning your hands. Each is double-sided, so you can use the same image twice or 2 different images.

Pint huggers are $5.95 each, and are available in JDLab2You under Specialty Items – Photo Gifts. While you’re there, check out our insulated wine bottle totes and sleeves too.

Social Media Checklist for Photographers

April 8th, 2014

SEO checklist for photographersWhen you’re working on social media – newsletters, Facebook, LinkedIn – there are several best practices you should know. We’ve scoured the Internet and listed them all here for your convenience. Bookmark this article, and you’ll refer back to it often.

• Ideal length of an email or article headline – 6 words, or under 50 characters
• Best day to send: Friday for businesses, Sunday for consumers
• Best time of day to send: 11am for businesses, 8pm for consumers
• Best schedule: Monthly

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Graduation Card Special: Buy 3 Sets, Get 1 Free!

April 1st, 2014

graduation cardsOrder 3 or more sets of 25 of the same grad card in April, and get 1 free.

Starting this week, we’ve changed all our cards to sets of 25 and rolled back the prices. Custom graduation cards now start as low as 28 cents each.

For example, order 3 sets of any one card, and get 100 total.

To take advantage of this offer, click the “April Card Special” in the print options in JDLab2You.

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7 Clues to Ignore in an Email (if You Want a Virus)

April 1st, 2014

Click image to view full size.

Viruses are fun! Who doesn’t want some foreign teenager remotely controlling their PC in order to sell Viagra online?

Unfortunately, it is harder to get a virus than you think. You have to randomly click links in suspicious emails that,  if you had actually read the email, you’d normally delete.

So to help you out, here are 7 clues to ignore in an email if you want to get a brand-new virus on your PC.

1. You don’t know who the email is from. AutoFacebookReminder has the word Facebook in it, and you use Facebook, so it must be from Facebook, right? Ignore this.

2. The email is personally addressed to you. Actually, it is addressed to your email name, but that is just like your name. Close enough to ignore.

3. The sender’s email address is nonsense. Facebook is in California, but their employee named Vvmtxcnf is from the Austin, Texas office. It could happen. I’d ignore it.

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New Photo Slates

March 25th, 2014
photo slate

Photo (c) Michelle Garcia, Country Rose

Our new photo slates are a visually appealing way to showcase a “special” image. Each piece of slate is unique, with chiseled edges to give it a style unlike any other medium.

Photo slates are 5×11″ (shown) or 7.5×7.5″ square and approximately 3/8″ thick. 2 black plastic display feet are included.

Prices are $24.95 for the horizontal version, and $16.95 for the square.

You can find photo slates in JDLab2You in the Specialty Products section.

LinkedIn Showcase Pages: What you need to know.

March 25th, 2014

LinkedIn-Logo-150x150Beginning April 14, LinkedIn will remove any old Product or Services pages from your LinkedIn business page. These pages can be replaced by new “Showcase” pages.

Like the old Product and Services pages, you can use a showcase page for each different kinds of work you do (wedding, portrait, commercial, seniors, etc.).

What makes Showcase pages new is that someone can follow a showcase page because they are interested in one service only, not everything you do. Showcase pages provide you with the ability to deliver custom messages to different audiences on LinkedIn.

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The Secret to Managing Employees

March 18th, 2014

skillsIf you’re in business long enough, eventually your studio will need to hire employees. An extra set of hands has many advantages, but chief among them is that they free you up as the business owner to spend your time building your business instead of working in your business.

However, managing employees can also be one of the biggest challenges you face as a studio owner. None of your training as a photographer prepares you to manage people.

When I get frustrated thinking about an “employee” problem, I always return to a few simple rules I’ve learned over the years.

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New Hardboard Photo Panels

March 18th, 2014

hardboard-panelsOur new tabletop hardboard photo panels are a great way to display your images. The curved top creates a unique look that does not require a frame.

Each panel is 5×7″, dye-sub printed on a long-lasting 1/8″ black Lexan material that will not bend or crack. An easel stand is permanently attached to the back for instant tabletop display.

These tabletop photo panels are available in JDLab2You in the Specialty Items | Photo Gifts catalog.

New Product: Insulated Wine Bottle Tote

March 12th, 2014

Click for larger image

These new insulated wine bottle totes are a great new gift idea for you or for your clients.

Made of 1/8″ thick neoprene, they will keep your wine chilled while carrying it to your next back yard Bar-B-Que. The easy-to-carry loop handle is molded into the fabric.

Best of all, the tote can be customized with your favorite image or layout.

Insulated wine bottle totes are only $18.95. Find them in the Specialty Items | Photo Gifts.

3 Image Alignment Tricks in LabPrints

March 11th, 2014

When building albums in LabPrints, a layout mistake can stop your album production in the lab. We hate to call you and tell you your album won’t ship on time, so be sure to check 3 things on every page:



1. Make sure that the background fills the entire page. When you have background note selected, the x and y coordinates should both be 0. The width and height will be the full size of your page.


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