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Pearl White Paper Added to JDLab2You

July 29th, 2015

card-weddingBy your request, JDLab has added a new Pearl White paper option for any of our products like wedding invitations or holiday cards that can be printed on pearl paper.

Pearl is a semi-gloss, lightly textured paper popular with wedding and fashion photographers. Like satin paper, it fills the gap between glossy and matte, and smooth and textured. However, pearl has a unique, yet subtle “pearlesence” look due to the embedded pearl-like crystals that give the paper a high-gloss reflection in the highlights.

The new white pearl is in addition to our current Antique Pearl paper. Both offer the “pearlesence” effect, but the Antique Pearl casts a golden hue, whereas the new White Pearl retains a more modern, natural image color.

Both pearl papers are the same price and can be ordered in JDLab2You.

How to Double Portrait Sales – Secrets Revealed!

July 29th, 2015

JDLab is sponsoring a live online workshop “Double Your Wall Portraiture Sales – Secrets Revealed!” Thursday August 27, at 1pm eastern time – 90 minutes. This free workshop is only for JDLab clients & followers.

Why should you attend?

Wall portraiture is one of the most profitable products a studio photographer can offer their clients. Imagine what it would do for your bottom line if everyone left your studio with a large portrait. It takes the same amount of time to write “one 30×40” on the order form as it does “one 8×10”!

The fact is that selling wall portraits is easier than you think – even in 2015. You just need to know the easy key points, which will be revealed in detail during this live online photography portrait sales workshop.

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Facebook Cover Photo Do’s and Don’ts

July 21st, 2015

facebook cover photo rules

When someone visits your Facebook page the first thing they see is your cover photo. Because of its prime location, studios may be tempted to use there cover photo for promotional purposes. The problem is, more than a few small words of text on the cover photo violates Facebook guidelines, and could lead to having your account banned.

So how can you create a great cover photo that meets Facebook guidelines? Here are some tips:

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What is Link Building? What Photographers Need to Know

July 15th, 2015

back linksLink building is the process of creating or encouraging links – called backlinks – from other high-quality websites back to yours.

Why is this important to your studio? First, it helps to have some history.

Years ago, search engines like Google simply treated links as votes for popularity and importance. The more backlinks to your site, the more popular it must be. It didn’t take long to recognize that to rank a website well, all a photographer needed to do was spam the Internet with as many links as possible to their home page, or pay someone to send their website URL to hundreds of other websites.

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Market to Millennials with Video

July 15th, 2015

As the generation of consumers born between 1980-2000 starts buying photography, you need to use video marketing to reach them.

That’s according to the Online and Social Video Marketing Study released by Animoto, creator of a video creation application. Its survey of U.S. consumers indicates that 70 percent of millennials are likely to watch a video when shopping online, and 80 percent find video helpful when researching a purchase decision online.

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Kodak Professional Unveils New Software for Pro Photographers

July 9th, 2015

Kodak-professional-logoLast month, more than 160 pro lab professionals gathered in Rochester, NY for the annual pro lab workshop. As a Kodak pro lab, JD was part of this 3-day event.

One of the workshops introduced the Kodak Professional Keepsakes Collections & Creations (KC2) software. KC2 is designed to be a new way for photographers to send their orders to Kodak pro labs like JD.

Although KC2 is still in alpha testing, here’s what we learned:

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Print Competition 101: PPA Merit Class at JDLab Aug. 24

July 9th, 2015

PPMLogo2Christine Walsh-Newton will hold a PPA Merit Class titled Print Competition 101 on Monday, August 24, 2015 from 10am till 5pm at JDLab in Flint, Michigan.

During the class, Christine will walk attendees through the rules and guidelines for entering both prints and digital images into competition at the PPM and PPA’s Northeast Districts, as well as PPA’s esteemed International Photographic Competitions. She will cover the entry process including:

• Forms, Deadlines & Entry fees
• Proper Mounting & Shipping
• Kinds of Awards

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My New Favorite Vlog

June 24th, 2015

Ted Forbes makes videos about photography. His career spans time as a professional photographer, a university instructor in photography, a photo exhibit curator for a museum, and most recently as a vlogger (video blogger) which he has turned into a full time job.

But what I like about Ted is the passion he has for photography combined with a rapid-fire, no-nonsense approach to providing information. Sometimes watching his YouTube videos is like drinking out of a fire hose.

If you like to spend your free time learning about both the art and business of photography, I urge you to watch one or two of Ted’s vlogs. My favorite one is below, titled “So You Want To Be A Photographer.” I think this video should be mandatory for anyone in the photography business.

Click here to see more of Ted’s videos or to subscribe to his YouTube channel.

Accepting Credit Cards: What You Need to Know

June 24th, 2015

credit-cardsSome photographers continue to resist taking credit cards because of the hassle and high fees associated with them. Frankly, they are right. Call your local bank and tell them you want to accept credit cards. After they run you through a gauntlet of paperwork, you can end up paying up to 5% of the total billed in transaction fees.

On the other hand, everyone uses credit and debit cards. Checks are on the decline. According to GoBankingRates.com, only 28% of Americans still write checks, and sixty-one percent of people age 18 to 24 never write checks. In today’s market, telling a client you don’t take credit cards is like saying you don’t use email.

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Use Instagram to Build Your Photography Business

June 16th, 2015

instagramMost studios treat Instagram, Pinterest and Facebook like a photo gallery. They serve as a place to post a picture of your latest shoot, but photographers rarely them to tell a story. Using Instagram, that’s what Kate Sigfusson did.

When she launched Babies4Babies on Instagram, she was expecting. She took the opportunity to share pictures and information about her pregnancy. She posted everything from pictures of herself pregnant to her plans to launch a line of premium baby products like swaddles. Her entire Instagram page chronicles her journey.

“By sharing the Babies4Babies story, specifically my journey as a new mother and entrepreneur, we have humanized the brand,” Sigfusson said in an article. “It makes the company more of a family rather than a product.”

Sigfusson says every business should treat Instagram in a similar fashion. As small business owners, show your audience the human side of your business. Show your audience pictures of you packing orders, heading to the post office, helping other customers and dealing with obstacles.

Get used to taking snapshots and “selfies” to populate your page with faces and images (best practices for image sizing) that tell your story, rather than just images of products. Use the platform to tell your story – one picture at a time.

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