Photo Book Minimum Page Numbers Explained

JD Photo Imaging Emeral AlbumCustomers ask why we have minimum page requirements for albums and photo books. We require an even number of pages, and most books require at least 10 pages (20 sides). Here’s why:

  • Book pages have two sides. If you don’t submit an image for both sides, we can’t be sure whether you ran out of images, or if you forgot to finish the order before you sent it in. Either way, you’ll get a call from customer service that may hold up your order.
  • Bound books with less pages than the minimum aren’t aesthetically pleasing. They just look wrong. Instead of building a book you might not be proud to show, we’d rather give you a minimum page number.

Note that if you run out of pages to finish a book, you have a couple of options:

  • Re-design your photo book so that you meet both the minimum number of pages and have an even number of pages.
  • Submit blank, ruled, light-colored or white jpg images as pages at the end of the book. For example, on a student photo book you could put a text node at the top of the final page that said “Memories” or “Autographs”.
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