The Secret to Using JDLab2You With PhotoShop

Have you ever submitted a JDLab2You order to JD, and the images didn’t come back cropped or rotated correctly?

We see this problem once or twice a month, so we know how frustrating it can be. Fortunately, we can recreate the problem at the lab, so we can tell you how to avoid it. Here’s what happens:


1. While viewing an image in JDLab2You, rotate and crop as needed. Then click “Add to Order”.

2. Minimize JDLab2You, or close it and save the order.

3a. Open the image, and rotate or crop it in Photoshop. Save your changes. OR

3b. Open the image in the default photo viewer (called Preview on Mac,  Microsoft Windows Photo Viewer or Windows Picture and Fax Viewer in XP) on your computer. Click the “Rotate” button. Depending on your default settings, the image may be  automatically saved as rotated.

4. Return to JDLab2You and submit the order to the lab.

Unfortunately, JDLab2You does not have any way of detecting or preventing you from changing an image outside of JDLab2You between the time you place the order and the time you send it.


1. Don’t rotate or crop images after you’ve ordered from them in JDLab2You.

2. If you have to edit an image in Photoshop after you’ve started an order, delete the image from the order and reorder it again.

3. Check your computer’s default image viewer options so that it does not automatically save changes without warning you.

4. Replace the default image viewer with a “non-destructive” viewer like Irfanview for PC or any of the Adobe products.

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