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6 Words A Pro Photographer Must Say to Every Prospective Client

“How did you hear about me?”

When we talk to a prospective client, it is easy to get caught up in the sales process. Our inner voice is thinking: we get along great, they like my work, they have the money, and the date is available. This feels like a sale!

And as they get out their checkbook, all we can think is, “Woo-hoo, a new client.” But then we forget to ask:

“How did you hear about me?”

The problem is that – at that moment – we don’t consider those 6 words important. So here’s another way to look at it: Measuring marketing success is the ONLY way to determine how to effectively spend your marketing time and dollars.

If you are not measuring which marketing brings in clients, you are literally throwing money (and your time) out the window.

Top companies pay consultants hundreds of thousands of dollars a year to conduct polls, count clicks, count “eyeballs” and compute brand awareness. But you can get better data than a Fortune 500 company if you make a commitment to yourself to always ask this simple question.

“How did you hear about me?”

Ask it every time, whether you make the sale or not. And don’t trust your memory – keep a piece of paper in your drawer where you write down the answers. Make a check mark next to the ones that result in a sale. A year from now, if you know 20% of your prospects and 10% of your sales came from a specific ad, you’ll know whether or not to run that ad again. If you don’t write it down, you’re just guessing. A professional salesman would be fired for that.

Learn to ask this question EVERY time, and you’ll see the results drop to your bottom line.

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