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Boutique Packaging Updated for 2013

Boutique packaging for professional photographersFor years, consumer studies have shown a direct correlation between premium packaging and the perceived value of a product. For example, one of the reasons consumers perceive Apple products as more valuable is the value added by their award-winning package designs. If you’ve ever unboxed an Apple PC, you know exactly what I mean.

The same holds true in photography. When someone picks up prints at a big-box store, they come in a boring envelope. You can use this opportunity to differentiate your professional photography by offering upscale packaging.

That’s why we’ve updated our Boutique Packaging options at JD. Each are sturdy fiberboard boxes in Asparagus, Coffee Bean or Merlot with cream tissue paper and ribbon. The professionally matched color combinations provide a clean, fresh, natural yet upscale look for your work. Yet the cost is only $5.50 for 8×10″ boxes and ribbon, $7.50 for 11×14″ boxes with ribbon, $11 for 16×20″ boxes with ribbon, and $5.00 for the gift bag.

Boutique Packaging can be used to present the prints to your clients, or to package drop-shipped print orders.

You can order Boutique Packaging in the ROES Order Review screen.

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5 Responses to “Boutique Packaging Updated for 2013”

  1. Lisa McQueeney Says:

    I love the ribbon!!!!! Can that be purchased separately and how much??? LOVELY!!!

  2. Mark Says:

    Contact Heidi @ 888.858.8084 toll free and she can take care of you.

  3. Klari Says:

    Thank you! I was looking for this 3 years ago so I had created my own unique packaging for clients – I may have to try what you have too. Thank you for taking another step forward to help us Photographers become more successful!

  4. Bobbie Says:

    Can you please tell me if the 11 x 15 boutique box is exactly that size or slightly larger? Will it comfortably hold an 11 x 14 print without it curling? Also what is the shipping if I order one or two boxes? Thank you.

  5. Mark Says:

    The boxes are made to fit the size indicated so they are larger than 11×14, but there is not TOO much wiggle room. They fit well without being loose. The shipping cost would be UPS fee only on the boxes, this can vary by location from $7-11.00. If the box is ordered with prints and meets the $25.00 minimum for shipping UPS or the $12.00 minimum for USPS they will ship with the order at no additional cost.

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