Facebook Insights Lets You Learn More About Your Fans

One of the benefits of using a Facebook  business page instead of a personal page is that you get an additional page called Insights. This gives you an idea of who is viewing your Facebook posts. The information can be helpful in 2 ways: first, to analyze the content you put on Facebook that is attracting clients, and second, you can learn a little bit more about your audience.

facebook-insights1. Analyze Your Content

Facebook Insights collects a lot of data about your page, from visits and reach to engagement and demographics. On your wall just above the wallpaper (click “show” if you can’t see it) you can see an Insight box that shows how each post you made in the last 30 days connected with your audience. You can get a snapshot view of how many people have seen each of your posts (“Reach”) and commented or liked or shared (“Talking About This”) matched against the times you’ve posted.

What you should see is that the more you post, the greater number of fans you should be connecting with (see example). If the purple dots (posts) are not making the graph higher, you need to work on creating better posts.

2. Analyze Your Audience

facebook-analytics-fansWho are your “likers”? Are they male or female? How many “liked” you by clicking on your page’s “like” button? To learn more about your Facebook audience, click the “See All” in the upper right corner of Insights. Here are some of the things to look for:

Overview – This is a more detailed version of the Insights page, with a list of your top-rated posts on the bottom. It is useful to learn which type of posts your fans/readers prefer.

Likes – This breaks down your fans by gender and age. See the graph on the right. It says that 69.8% of our fans are female, and that they tend to be younger than the males. It also tells you where your new fans are coming from.

Reach – This breaks down the people who saw your posts by gender and age. Look at the bottom of this page for the “viral” graph. This tells you which posts you made that people shared with their friends, and how many others saw it – a great way to maximize your Facebook efforts by reaching friends of your fans.

Talking About This – This metric refreshes daily but goes back a week. It is the current barometer of how much conversation is being generated by your page on Facebook. You need at least 30 people talking about your page in the last week to see the graph.

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