Drag and Drop to Re-Arrange Pages in JDLab2You

drag-drop-pagesHave you ever built an album or a photo book, only to realize you left an image out, or just want to re-sequence the pages. JDLab2You makes it easy if you know the trick.

1. Click on the book icon. You will see a strip of page thumbnail images representing your book.

2. Use the slider under the thumbnail strip to find the page you want to move.

3. Drag the thumbnail page between any 2 other thumbnails to insert it.

4. Use the left or right arrows to go to the page you’ve moved. This will also refresh the pages on top so you can verify they are in the correct sequence.

This trick is especially useful if you have forgotten a page. Simply add the new page at the end, drop in an image, and move it wherever you need it. Note because every page has 2 sides, when you add one image, you’ll have to either add a second image or leave a blank page at the end of the book.

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