Creating Book & Album Templates is Easy in JDLab2You

Would you like to save the next book or album that you order as a template? It’s easy if you know how.

Let’s say you’ve spent a fair amount of time creating the perfect photo book: dragging down just the right templates, choosing the backgrounds, strokes, and shadows, and adding text nodes with fonts and colors. Once you’ve ordered it from the lab, you can save it as a template in JDLab2You with everything but the images, then reuse whenever you like.

Here how:

jd lab2you example

Click for full-size view.

1. If you’ve already sent a photo book or album order to us that you would like to save as a template, go to the Uploads tab in JDLab2You. By default, JDLa2you saves your sent orders for 2 weeks (you can change this – I recommend 1 month).

Under Your Uploads, find the order containing the book you want to save. You can either identify it from the order date, or click “View/Print Order Report.”

Once you found the correct order, click “Reopen as new order.”





Click for full-size view.

2. This brings you to the “My Cart” tab. Click the Edit button – it looks like the pencil in the center of the screen.







jd lab2you example

Click for full-size view.

3. Click the “Add to Favorites” button on lower left – it looks like a heart with a green “+” beside it.

Give your new template a name like “10×10 Sapphire Wedding” to identify it. Click the enter key.

At this point you are still technically editing the original order in JDLab2you. Click the “My Cart” tab again (step 2), then clear all the images out of it by pressing the “Clear Cart” button twice to make sure you don’t send a duplicate of the original order.

Note that you can save any product or book you order regularly as a template by finishing the design, editing all your pages, then clicking the “Add to Favorites” button and giving it a name.

The next time you open JDLab2you, simply click the Favorites icon (it looks like a heart), click on your saved template, and your book will load, ready for you to drop in your images.

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