Print an Order Report before Sending an Order

test orderHave you ever wanted to print out a worksheet showing everything you’ve ordered in JDLab2You or Pick-a-Pack before you send an order to the lab? Unfortunately, the View/Print Order Report is only available after your order is uploaded.

To solve this, there is a simple workaround you can use to print a worksheet showing all the images and products that you’ve ordered before uploading the order. You can use the worksheet to check against the client order to avoid missing any prints.

1. Go to the Checkout page.

2. Choose “Save for sending later.” Your order will not be sent yet.

3. Click “Place Order.” You will see the View/Print Order Report button, which allows you to open the report, without sending your order.

4. Review the report.

5. If everything is OK, click the Send button next to the order that is still in your queue.

6. If you need to make changes to the order, press the ALT key on your keyboard. The options “Reopen as new order” and “Remove” will become enabled. Click “Reopen as new order.”  This takes you back to the shopping cart page where you can edit the order as needed.


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  1. Kelly Stanley
    Kelly Stanley says:

    USE ONLY WITH EXTREME CAUTION! If you used “Show Order” with hide prices for client review, which was very handy for cropping, adding text and ordering. The new software does not hide prices in “Show Receipt”. Your client can see JD’s pricing structure and I learned this the very hard way!!!!!


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