Order Any Size Print in JDLab2You

crop-exampleIt is easy to order a non-standard size print in JDLab2You if you know how to do it.

For example, say you need a 10×14″ print. The next size up is 10×15″. The easiest solution is to make a new empty white 10×15″ @ 300 dpi file in Photoshop, drag your image into the file, then add the text “trim” to the bottom 1 inch. Order a 10×15″ print, and a 10×14″ print will arrive at your door.

What if you don’t use Photoshop? You can accomplish the same thing in JDLab2You.

1. In JDLab2You, select the next larger print size than the one you need.

2. Instead of dragging the image into the product, use the “Draw” pager tool to create a new image node on top of it.

3. Right click inside the empty node and choose “Node Bounds” from the menu. Set the height and width to 10×14″, and X and Y offset to 0.

4. Drag and drop the image into the node.

5. Add a text text node with the word “Trim” in the remaining white space and order the print.

Here is a short video showing both options above.

Since our photo printers go up to 30×132 inches, there is virtually no print size you cannot offer your clients. For prints larger than 30×40, simply use the File Upload feature in JDLab2you.

Photo by Kelly Dobson.

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  1. David Humphrey
    David Humphrey says:

    I just wanted to take a moment and give a BIG THANK YOU to Tom and the JD crew. I had a client come in with an emergency rush order, and Tom and company said, “Sure, we can get that right out for you.” It’s wonderful to here YES, and experience great customer service!

    Thank you again!


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