Best Sizes for Your Studio Logo

pro photographer studio logoRecently we showed you how to create a full color transparent PNG logo in Photoshop, and how to easily add your studio logo to your prints in JDLab2You.

However, many of you asked us what size to make the logo in order to match the sizes we used to put on prints when you ordered the “studio logo” option. These sizes were developed after testing many different ratios of logo size to print size in order to make your logo attractive and noticeable without overwhelming the print.

Here’s what you need to know:

Once you have your logo ready, on your image, draw an image node, right click in it, choose node bounds and set your height and width to the dimensions below. Then set the node to fit. This works best if you trim all of the blank space from your logo file before using it on a print. Here are the sizes we suggest.

• Wallets to 5×5″: 0.56×0.56
• 5×7″ to 8×10″: 0.76×0.76
• 10×13″ to 12×16″ (including 10×20″): 1.06×1.06
• 16×20″ to 16×24: 1.29×1.29
• 20×24″ and up: 1.5×1.5

These are for square logos. If your studio logo is extremely tall or wide, use these numbers for the longest side, then adjust the other size accordingly.

Need a custom studio logo design? We have that service available for you.

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