LinkedIn Showcase Pages: What you need to know.

LinkedIn-Logo-150x150Beginning April 14, LinkedIn will remove any old Product or Services pages from your LinkedIn business page. These pages can be replaced by new “Showcase” pages.

Like the old Product and Services pages, you can use a showcase page for each different kinds of work you do (wedding, portrait, commercial, seniors, etc.).

What makes Showcase pages new is that someone can follow a showcase page because they are interested in one service only, not everything you do. Showcase pages provide you with the ability to deliver custom messages to different audiences on LinkedIn.

For example, a bride might not search for your studio on LinkedIn, but she might search for “Detroit Wedding Photographer.” This could be the title of your Showcase page. You can offer specials or share content to brides only via the showcase page without your other business contacts or clients ever seeing it.

What you need to create a Showcase page:

1. Graphics: 974×330 px Banner Image, 100×60 px logo and a 50×50 px square logo. PNG, JPEG, or GIF file formats are acceptable. Make the banner image specific to the content on the showcase page rather than 1 banner for all pages.

2. Text: Showcase page name, and 75-200 word description. Make sure the description references the page name 2-3 times for SEO purposes. The description should be readable text, not lists of keywords. For example, if you are a “Detroit Wedding Photographer”, say it in the title, in the text, and mix it in with “Detroit Wedding Photography”, “Wedding photography”, and “bridal photos.”

How to create a Showcase page:

1. Click the down arrow next to the blue Edit button on the Company Page.

2. Select Create a Showcase Page.

3. Enter your showcase page name and assign an administrator to the page.

4. Click Create.

5. The page exists and can be edited at this point, but won’t appear in search or in the linked pages shown for your Company Page yet.

6. Enter the text and images, and then click Publish to make it public.

To get back to your Showcase page, you can search for it from the top of any LinkedIn Page or go to your parent Company Page and select the Showcase page in the page tree on the right column.

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