Starting a 2nd Order in JDLab2You

multi1If you’re in the middle of uploading an order to the lab, use the “Start” tab to begin a new order instead of opening a second copy of the software.

Here’s a problem we see from time to time: you finish an order, start uploading it to the lab, and want to start a 2nd order. You double-click the JDLab2you or JD Pick-A-Pack icon on your desktop to start a new order. Then you see this message: “You have orders waiting to be sent.” Must be a problem, you think. So you click the “Go to Uploads” button, and click the “Send” button.

Makes sense, right? Unfortunately, clicking “Send” when an order is already being uploaded will break the order. The software will try and upload it twice at the same time with the same order number. We cannot print it, and it will need to be re-sent to the lab.

So how do you start a new order while the old one is still uploading?

multi3Never open 2 copies of JDLab2You at the same time. If you accidentally open a 2nd copy, close it immediately.

Instead, watch for this message when you upload an order: “Completing Your Order…”

From here, click the “Go to Uploads” button, then click the “Start” tab in the upper right corner. This starts a new order. You don’t have to wait for the first order to finish uploading, and you don’t have to restart the program.

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