Fast Proof Book Design Makes Proofing Easy

Images by Hicks of Fenton

If you need to add hundreds of proof images to a book, we make it easy with our automated proofbook tools.

Here’s what you need to do.

1. Start JDLab2You, and select Proofs | Bound Proof Prints | 8.5×11 Proof Books

2. Open one (or more!) folders of images you want added to your proof book. JDLab2You lets you add multiple folders of images to the bottom horizontal pane. Just keep clicking the “step 2” icon to add additional folders at the end. If you select the wrong folder, click the (X) to the left of the first thumbnail for each folder and it will be removed.

2. Drag the bottom scroll bar to the right to visually check the image order. You can drag and drop to re-arrange images. Note that if you drag an image into a different folder, it will make a copy. Therefore, you should right click on the original image and select “hide selected.”

3. Select any finish or page embossing options on the right.

4. If you set any non-default page options above, make sure to check the box “Hold Options”. hold-option

5. Select any one of the multi-image proof book page templates on the left. If you are adding hundreds of proofs to a book, we recommend the 2-up, 4-up, 6-up, 9-up, 12-up, or 15-up pages. These are all designed to best fit both horizontal and vertical images full frame with image names on the same page.

6. Click on an image in the lower window, then right-click and select “select all” (Ctrl+A or Cmd+A on Mac).

7. Drag and drop the images on the proof book page. You should see the pages being built automatically and added to the cart. If they do not, select a proof book page template and try again.

8. Select one of the 8.5×11 proof book cover templates, or select the blank proof book page and add in your own pre-designed cover. Build your cover, and click “Add to Order.”

9. Click “View Cart.” If you want, you can click the “Render” button in the upper right to create your pages as PDFs (proof your proof).

10. Submit your order.

That’s it. In a couple of days you’ll have an 8.5×11″ spiral-bound proof book delivered to your door. Note that when placing your order, you can select “Burn Corrected Images to DVD” for an additional $9.95. We’ll not only color correct every image in the proof book, but will send them to you full-size on a DVD to order prints from later.

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