JDLab2You & JD Pick-a-Pack Package Builder Explained

pick-a-packJDLab2You and JD Pick-a-Pack make it easy to build packages. Here are some tips to help you get the most out of the software.

A drop down list is available when Packages are enabled by clicking the Packages button packages . You can select any of the print sizes in a package and change the quantity. When you hover with your mouse over a template or the package in Favorites, a pop-up window will show the items in the package and the quantity of each. This makes it easy to create and order custom packages for your clients.


When you update any package, a new “update button packages3  located to the right of the Add Favorite button packages4  will pulse red to remind you to save your changes.

A video explaining how to create custom packages in JDLab2You is available here.

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