Create a Custom Yearbook Print Template

Yearbook prints are senior portrait image files cropped with the head sized to the high school yearbook company’s specifications. Every yearbook company sets a standard for all images to be included in the book, and every yearbook company’s standard is different.

Most senior photographers send the yearbook company an image file as part of their senior package service. However, some photographers still ask us to make them a physical yearbook print.

Instead of creating fixed size yearbook print templates like we used to do, now it is easy for photographers to create their own yearbook print templates and save them as favorites. And since the templates start with a standard sized print, yearbook prints cost less than they did before.

Instructions for Creating a Yearbook Print Template


ybp-1 1. Open JDLab2You, and from the home page select the “Prints” category, select the standard size prints tab, and select the 3.5×5″ print product.

2. Click the Draw Tool.





ybp-23. Click in the 3.5×5″ print product and drag with your mouse to draw a rectangular image node. Then right-click inside the new image node and choose “Node Bounds” from the pop-up menu.









ybp-34. Set X and Y to 0, and set the width and height to match your yearbook print size requirement. Click OK. You will see a blue image node appear in the upper left corner of your 3.5×5″ print product.








ybp-45. Click the Grid button.






ybp-56. Set the Grid options. Check “Show Grid” and set the spacing to 0.25″. One-quarter inch increments works for most image sizes.



ybp-77, Drag your image into the new image node. Use the zoom tool to set the proper head size. For example, this head shot needs to be 1″ tall and 1/4″ from the top of the print.










ybp-68. If you need 2 yearbook prints, right click on the image node and choose “Duplicate” from the menu. The new node will be created on top of the previous node, so you will need to use the Edit tool to move it.





ybp-79. Make your new template a Favorite. After you’ve ordered a yearbook print for the first student at a school, you can type the image requirements and your contact information in a text node next to the image. Click the Add to favorites button, give the favorite a name, and the next time you use it you’ll see the specific requirements for each school next to a blank image node. Note that the yearbook print is not cut, so the text will be with the image when you receive it.




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