Use Render Feature in JDLab2You to Sell Custom Gifts

Have you ever had a client ready to place an order, but hesitant because they couldn’t see what it would look like first?

With the Render feature in JDLab2You, you can quickly and easily show your client what any product in our catalog will look like with their custom image(s). The Render feature allows you to create thumbnails of every item in your cart with a watermark – show clients what they will get before you order it.


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Here’s how it works. Start by creating a product in JDLab2You. Add it to your Cart, then select “View Cart.”

Step 1: Click the Render button in the upper right corner.

Step 2: Click Continue.

Step 3: Create a new, empty folder. Select the empty folder and click Open.

All the products in your cart will be rendered as low-res JPG images into the folder you’ve selected. You can then attach any of the images to an email or a text message to show to your client.

Note that each time you render an order, the images are named 001.jpg, 002.jpg, etc. If you render the images into a folder that already has files with the same name, they will be overwritten.

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