Add Custom Text to Wallets in JDLab2You

custom-walletsYou can add custom text using any font or color to wallets in JDLab2You.

When you select Wallets in JDLab2You, you have 3 options: 1. Standard, 2. Custom Text, and 3. Foil Stamped. Each of these options are slightly different.

1. Standard – This is the custom way to add text to wallets. Using the text-tool text box tool, you can draw a text box, add or edit text, and change the text font and color. The available fonts are the same ones installed on your PC. You can create a custom font color using the RGB sliders, or use the eyedropper to pick a color from the image (see right). Text can have drop shadows, or a box around it. If you select the 8-image wallets, you can even create unique text boxes for each image.

2. Custom Text – This is the easiest way to add text to wallets. JDLab2You has 4 default fonts with 8 pre-selected designer colors that can be used to add text to pre-positioned text nodes on each wallet. Not only is this easy, but you never need to worry about a text node being die cut or trimmed too close to the edge of the print.

metal-letter3. Foil Stamped – This is the only way to get real metallic gold or silver stamped images. You can select from one of 4 different corner positions and the 2 font faces we have dies for in the lab. Each wallet is stamped with individual metal letters set the same way entire books were published 100 years ago.


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