Creating and Saving Packages in JD Pick-a-Pack

One of the benefits of JD’s Pick-a-Pack for School, Sports & Events is the ability to create custom packages of groups of products for each client, or to use them for multiple clients to save time. Here’s how it works:

1. After you install JD Pick-a-Pack and log in, the first thing you have to decide is whether you’re going to use the 1-75 packages category, or the 76+ packages category. The total number of packages you will be ordering at the same time determines which category you will use. You need to remember which category you are using so that you can name your packages or package groups later with a reminder of which category they were created from.

2. Click the “Create and Edit Packages” button located roughly in the lower left side of the program.




This opens a tool bar in the center where you will see the options “Span Image, Copy Image and Individual.” The default option here is “Copy Image”. When creating packages, there is never a reason to change it. Just be aware that this indicates you are in the “package create or edit mode.”





3. Choose the first product that will be in this package, for example, 8-Wallets. Click on 8-Wallets on the product tab on the left and you will see the 8-wallet product display in the cropping window in the center of your screen.









4. Find the next product that will be in the package. This time you cannot just click on it. Instead, you need to click and drag the product from the product tab to the cropping window in the center.  In the example below, we’ve dragged in a 8×10″ print and 8-Wallets. You should see the two items lying next to each other in the cropping window.










5. Repeat step 4 for as many products as you would like to add to the package. You can move the products within the cropping window by clicking and dragging the blue cross-hairs icon in the center of each product. Where you place the products on the screen is to make them easier to see – it has no impact on the package or the order.

6. When you have completed adding products to your packages, you are ready to save it by hitting the “Add to Favorites” button.




This opens the Favorites tab. If this is your first time creating packages you may want to create a group first. You create a group by clicking the + sign at the top of the Favorites tab. Change the quantity, then name the package.




A box opens for you to type the group name. Click in it, type the name (like Baseball Packages 76+ or PreSchool Packages 1-75), then hit enter on your keyboard. Now, back at the bottom of the Favorites tab, there is a box for you to type the package you want to save within the Favorites group.




Click in the text field, type your package name (like Package A) and hit enter. Your new package will appear in the Favorites tab within the group you’ve created.

7. Click the Favorites button to return to the Product tab.




The Favorites button works like an on/off switch.  Clicking it shows you Products or Favorites in the left window.

8. Repeat steps 3-6 for as many packages as you would like to create.  Keep in mind you can create as many groups as you like, just be sure to select the group you want first, then type and save the name of the package, so the package saves within the correct group.

9. When you are finished creating packages and saving them in your Favorites, you click the “Create and Edit Packages” button again (from step 1) to exit the edit package mode and return to ordering mode.



10. When you’re ready to place an order, you click the Favorites button, choose your group, then your package, then drag your image into the cropping window (center screen). This will automatically add your image to all the image nodes. If you adjust the crop, it will also adjust the crop on the same image in all the products. Check the crop and zoom in all the products before you add to your order. What you see it what you’ll get!

Editing Packages 

You can edit a package you made previously by selecting it, then clicking the “Create and Edit Packages” button. Make your changes, then click the “Save changes to Favorites” button.



save-changes -favorites


2. You can remove or rename Favorites by clicking the gear in the lower left corner.





3. You cannot “move” a package, however you can accomplish the same thing.  Select a package, Click the “Create and Edit Packages” button, then click the Save Favorites button.  You can then select or create a new group, save the package with the same or a new name.  Then you can return to the group containing the original package and delete it.

4. Each image node in a package has “link” and “remove” buttons. These are only visible after you’ve clicked the “Create and Edit Packages” button.  The Remove button will remove that product from the package.  Clicking the link button will unlink that image node from the package.  This means an image dropped on the package will not be copied to this one node.  This is useful when you have one product or node that requires a team image, whereas the other nodes in the packages require an individual shot.  This can also be used to unlink an image if one item needs special cropping that you don’t want to duplicate to the other items.

Remember, to make these changes appear the next time you use this package, click the Save Changes button. If you are making this change to a single order item and you don’t want every subsequent order to do the same, click the “Create and Edit Packages” button without clicking the “Save Changes to Favorite” button first.

5. While most of our clients don’t have any need for packages in JDLab2You, they work exactly the same way.

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