Quickly Search JDLab2you and Pick-A-Pack

JDLab2you and Pick-A-Pack now have a search option to make it easier to find a specific product.


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To use search, simply click the magnifying glass icon to the right of Step 1 in the software. The search text box will open.

Use the text field to type what you are looking for.

The search option is very specific – it even matches spaces – so it is best if you keep your searches short.

For example, we have several styles of smart phone cases. If you are looking for the “iPhone6 Black Brookley Case” you can type just “iphone” or “case” and choose the item from the results.  If you type “iphone case” you will see no results, because it’s not an exact match.

When you click on an item in the search results, the product will appear in the product window.  Clicking the Search Icon again will return you to the normal Product palette so you can see what product tab you are in, and you can see other products within that tab.



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Search results may also include group names.  These will be in bold or colored fonts that are easy to spot:

When you click on a group name, then click the Search icon again, you will find yourself within that tab on the Product palette.  Then you can quickly choose a product from that tab.

Not only will this make it easier to find you favorite items, but you will almost certainly find products that you didn’t know we made.

Happy hunting!

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