How to Order Calibration Prints

studio-colorJD Lab offers first-time clients or current clients who have implemented in-studio proofing the opportunity to get a set of calibration prints to test their studio color workflow before they begin sending orders.

To get started, install JDLab2You. Start the program, click Standard Size Prints, then scroll to the bottom on the left and select the “Calibration Prints” product. You can order up to 5 prints. Drag in each image, click the “Add to Order” button, and when you have selected your 5 prints click “View Cart” and complete your order. Do not change any other options.

For best results, your test order should contain prints that vary as much as possible in color and density.

When you receive your calibrated print order, it will contain up to 10 8×10″ prints: one set of 5 prints professionally hand-corrected for color and density, and a duplicate set printed as they were sent to the lab. The prints will be marked to tell you the difference. After receiving the prints, you may use them to soft-calibrate a color corrected monitor, or you may decide to let the lab continue to make all color and density changes. Depending on your workflow, we can also make global corrections in your color preferences here at the lab that will be applied to every print and product ordered in the future. Contact customer service for details.

The benefit of lab corrected prints is that you can be assured that every print will show the best color and density possible from an image. The benefit “as-is” non-corrected prints is that they offer you the ability to fine-tune each individual image. In addition, printing “as-is” will reduce your lab bill.

By default, all our prints are professionally hand-corrected for color and density. To change this, you must check the “Print as-is” box in Order Options before completing your order.

Read more about Lab-corrected vs. Studio-controlled color.


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