Win an Apple Watch at SPAC 2017

JDLab will be at the School & Sports Photographers of America (SPAC) convention January 25-28 in Las Vegas, NV. Please join us at our booth #20, and at the Thursday lunch buffet and the 5pm hospitality suite we are co-sponsoring.

If you’re going to SPAC, here’s your opportunity to win a free Apple Watch. Here’s what you need to do:

#JDLabRocks Apple Watch Promotion RULES

1. Stop by the booth and pick up a pair of JDLab sunglasses. Take a selfie (with or without your friends) with your new sunglasses, or be creative. Just make sure the JDLab logo on the glasses is showing in the picture.

2. Post the image on Facebook or Instagram or send a tweet with the hashtag #JDLabRocks and include a link to in your post. For extra visibility, post directly to our Facebook page at

3. Make sure your posts are set to public. Private posts may not be seen by the judges.

4. A winner will be chosen from those posted. Extra points will be given for creative angles, creative locations and the amount of likes or favorites your post has.

5. Deadline to post photos is 2 PM on Saturday, January 28th. The winner will be announced Saturday at 4 PM. You must be present to win.

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