Check to See if Your Email is Hacked

Recently I read about a company whose entire client database had been stolen online. The last time this worried me was when Adobe was hacked(!) but I started thinking about it anyway.

How would I know if my login to a company website was hacked?

After a bit of research, I found this website: Have I Been Pwned. The word “pwned” is a corruption of the word “owned.” It means to utterly defeat someone, or in this case, “have I been utterly defeated?”

You can enter your email on the website, and it will tell you if your email and personal login information are floating around the Internet. Hackers post lists of millions of other people’s email addresses and passwords online, and keeps track of most of them.

Have I Been Pwned? was created by security expert Troy Hunt in 2013. It receives around ten thousand daily visitors a day and contains records of 1.8 billion accounts from over 150 data breaches.

I checked my email on the website and discovered that my Adobe email ID and password were floating around on the Internet on a list. Fortunately, when I checked the details it turned out the password they have is an old one – that was a relief!

In addition to checking your current emails, if you sign up on the site, they’ll send you an email if they find your email address on a new list. No, you don’t have to create a new password 😉

There are millions of emails and passwords on lists floating around the Internet. Many people have absolutely no idea that their details have been compromised. I found out. You should too.

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