Facebook Messenger for Photographers

Facebook Messenger is used by millions of people daily to communicate with both friends and businesses. Chances are, prospective clients on Facebook are just as likely to contact you via Facebook Messenger as they are by phone or email.

That’s why if you use Facebook to market your studio but aren’t using Facebook Messenger, you could be missing out on potential jobs.

Here’s what you need to know to get started.

First, the rules for using Facebook Messenger are different depending on whether you send or receive a message from a desktop or a mobile device, or whether the message is sent to your personal page or your business page.

Personal Page

Sending Messages – Facebook Messenger is built into desktop Facebook, and is a separate app on mobile devices. From your personal page, with Messenger you can message anyone, any group, or any business on Facebook regardless of friend status or privacy settings. However, if their filtering is set to “strict” the message may be delivered but not seen.

Receiving Messages – You can receive FB messages from anyone on Facebook or from any business page you’ve left a comment on. If you set your filter preferences to Basic, you’ll see all messages. If you set your filter preferences to Strict, you’ll only see messages from friends. Filter preferences can be adjusted by clicking the “Other” link at the top of your “Messages” page, selecting “Edit Preferences” and choosing “Basic” or “Strict.”

Business Page

Sending Messages – You cannot send a new message to your business page fans, Facebook users, or other business pages. Pages can only communicate with a fan via message if that fan has made first contact with the page. Contact types that allow a business page to message its fans includes the fan first posting on the page, commenting on a post on the page, or sending the page a message first.

Receiving Messages – You can receive messages from anyone on Facebook, but not from another business. Users can message your studio’s business page just like they can contact another user. They do not have to be a fan. When you receive the message, it will show up on your business page here.

Facebook Mobile Messenger App

Last year Facebook split Messenger into an separate app from Facebook for mobile devices. If you attempt to send or read a Facebook message on a mobile device, Facebook will force you to install the mobile messenger app first, then log in with your personal user ID and password.

Once you’ve installed the Facebook Mobile Messenger App, depending on your settings, you can receive instant notification of messages (called push notification) sent to your personal page.

iPhone Settings – To enable instant notifications on an iPhone tap Settings > Notifications > Facebook and turn on Allow Notifications.

Android Settings – To enable instant notifications on an Android tap the Settings icon and go to Applications > Applications manager > Facebook > Notifications.

Facebook App Settings – Once you’ve set up your phone, go to Facebook, Tap the  icon, tap App Settings > Notifications and tap next to Notifications to turn push notifications on or off. You can adjust what you’re notified about.

Facebook Mobile Pages Manager

While you can instantly receive Facebook messages to your personal page on your smart phone, to instantly receive messages to your business page you need to install the Facebook Pages Manager App. Download this app from your app store, then adjust the settings as shown above.

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