Facebook, Email Headline Tips Photographers Need to Know

If you post to Facebook or send out client emails regularly, you know that some receive dozens of views, clicks and likes, while some receive almost none at all. It can get very frustrating. You put in all that effort, and it seems like nobody cares. It isn’t quite so bad if you’re just making a quick Facebook post about a great image, but it makes a big difference if a post, marketing email or newsletter article is a link back to your website as part of a marketing campaign.

What marketing experts know is that the right headline or email subject line can double the likelihood that someone will click on your post or email. Good headlines can attract and engage your audience to click, read, and even share your content. In fact, some marketing experts say you should put as much thought and effort into your headline or subject line as you do the content.

So how do you increase your odds of finding a good headline or email subject line that works?

Enter the people at Buzzumo. They analyzed 100 million headlines published between March and May 2017 (that’s big data). What they discovered is that a good headline can increase the likelihood of your post attracting a client 10 times more than a bad one. Since this information changes all the time, it is great to see a new list of headline ideas that are popular today. The article shows the best (and worst!) performing headlines on Facebook, optimum number of words and headline length, and even the best number when you’re using a list (hint: how many were in David Letterman’s lists?).

Read the article to see all the best (and worst!) performing headlines.

As you look through this list of best-performing headlines, it may be tempting to copy them and move on. As one of the comment writers said,

“I’m sure that some marketers will take this research as prescriptive advice and cram every top trigram into a 15 word headline. “This is why these 10 stunning photos will make you cry tears of joy!”

That isn’t the goal of these lists. Instead, the goal should be to make you think more about your post and email headlines instead of treating them as an after-thought in your marketing. Some quality time spent on headlines and subject lines up front will have a huge impact on your studio’s bottom line.


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