Order Custom Size Prints in JDLab2You

In a world full of 8×10’s, 5×7’s and wallets, sometimes you just need a print size that isn’t available in JDLab2You software.


Photo (c) John Marion

For example, say you need a 10×14″ print. In JDLab2You, the next size up is 10×15″. The easiest solution is to make a new empty white 10×15″ @ 300 dpi file in Photoshop, drag your image into the file, then add the text “trim” to the top and bottom 1/2 inch. Order the file as a 10×15″ print, and a 10×14″ print will arrive at your door.

What if you don’t use Photoshop? We’ve still got you covered.

Start by looking in JDLab2You for the next larger print size. Open the product, but instead of dragging the image in, use the “Draw” pager tool to create a new image node.

In this example, start with the 10×15″ product, then draw a 10×14″ image node on top of it. Change to the text tool, create 2 1/2″ text boxes, and put the word “trim” in both of them. Drag and drop the image into the image node.

Using either Photoshop or JDLab2You’s built-in tools, you can create virtually any size print. Since our photo printers go up to 30×132 inches, you have lots of options to offer unique print sizes to your clients.

Dave Humphrey picks up a print from Tom Hicks. This is a 11-frame image he shot in Alaska. We printed 8 ft long and mounted here at JD.

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