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Facebook Business Page Updates You Should Know

If you use your Facebook business page for social media marketing, here are two new changes you should be aware of:

1. Video Covers

If you’ve been following the news on Facebook lately, you probably know that they are rolling out a new feature called the Facebook Video Covers. This feature allows you to replace the cover image on your Facebook business page (only) with a 20-90 second video that shows up on the top of the page.

The rules for creating a Facebook Video Cover are pretty straightforward:

1. Look for the little video camera icon on your Facebook Cover. If you have the icon, you can upload and display a video. If you only have the camera icon, you’ll have to wait.

2. The video you upload will be cropped to 820px wide by 312px tall (just like the Facebook cover image). While you can adjust the center of the video after you upload it but before you publish it, in general you should only use a video slightly larger or as close to the actual size as possible. Fortunately, all video programs give you the opportunity to upload a custom sized video.

Note: Make sure your subject is in the center of the video no more than 640 pixels wide to account for the narrower format on smart phones.

3. The video should be 20-30 seconds long to engage the viewer, but no longer than 90 seconds. Once the Facebook Video Cover is uploaded, it will loop continuously.

4. While Facebook will accept several different video file formats, the most common are MP4 (Windows) or MOV (Mac).

5. Once the video is uploaded, you can click the left and right arrows on the video to select a still frame that will be shown while the video is uploading.

6. By default, the video will start playing with the sound turned off, so you should either add text or create a video with background music that does not require an explanation.

7. Once the video is uploaded, go to the cover photo change post in your Newsfeed and select “Edit Post.” Add a title like your studio name, and a short description with keywords like “wedding photographer.”

Should you bother?

Facebook Video Covers can be a fun way to differentiate yourself, but they won’t add any real value to your Business page. Websites with full-screen videos or a carousel of images are losing popularity with users due to their long load time, especially on smart phones. My guess is the same will happen with video covers.

2. Circular Business Page Profile Pictures

Starting in August, the shape of your Business Page profile picture will change from square to circular in your News Feed and on your Page timeline. The larger profile picture on the top left corner of your Page will remain square. We created a preview to help you see how this change will look and decide whether you want to make any updates.

To see a preview of the new design, make sure to click the “See More” link at the top of your page and preview your profile picture.

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