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Get Text Messages from Prospective Clients Searching for Your Studio

One of the rules in marketing is that you always need to make it easy for clients to contact you. Some will call. Some will email. Some will contact you by Facebook Messenger. But many younger clients prefer to only send a text. How can you reach them?

Thanks to Google, you now have the ability to get text messages directly from your Google My Business listing when they search for your studio on Google.

You can enable this feature by adding a phone number that can receive texts in your Google My Business account. This number will not be revealed to customers, and you can turn off this feature any time.

Here’s what your clients will see on their phone

How to enable text messaging

1. Go to your Google my business page:

2. Select “Sign In” in the upper right corner. Sign in with the gmail account you used to create your GMB account.

3. If you haven’t already filled out the rest of the fields or verified your business on Google. now is a good time to take care of it.

4. Select Messaging from the left menu

5. Enter a mobile phone number where you will always answer a text message. Do not use a normal business line that cannot receive a text!

6. Google will send you a code on your phone to verify you can receive a text message.

7. Enter the code.

That’s it! You are now set up to receive text messages on your cell phone from clients who want to contact you from their cell phone.

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