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Layout Guides Make it Easy to Create Specialty Products, Album and Photo Book Covers

Layout guides are collections of layered PhotoShop PSD files that make it easy to lay out a product, save as a JPG image, and drop into our JDLab2You or Pick-a-Pack software. Because each layout guide comes with safe, wrap and cut guide lines, you can be assured your finished products will look great.

Watch this short video to see how easy it is to use our guides.

Available Layout Guides

Each collection of guides are in a ZIP file. You should download the ZIP file and open it to access the PSD files.

Books and Albums

Diamond Albums – our Diamond Album cover guides in leather and acrylic available in 5×5″ through 12×24″ album sizes.

Emerald Albums – Cover layout guides for Emerald Albums in 5×5″, 6×6″, 8×8″ and 10×10″ sizes.

Photo Book Hard Covers – Layout guides for 5×5″ through 8.5×11″ portrait and landscape covers for our Sapphire albums and hard cover photo books. Note these guides are for custom hard covers only. Lay-flat hard covers are 1/8″ wider left and right.

Photo Book Soft Covers – Layout guides for 5×5 through 8.5×11″ portrait covers for soft cover photo books.

Canvas Wraps

Gallery Canvas Wraps – These guides let you lay out 8×8″ through 16×20″ canvas gallery wraps so you can see where the 4 edges of the bars and the hidden wrap will fall on your image.


Press Printed Cards – This collection of .PSD files helps you lay out a 2×3″ accordion book, business cards and trader cards.

Designer Cards – These are the layout guides for the 5×7″ designer cards for holidays, weddings and graduations.

Business Cards – several designer templates

Photo Gifts

Fancy Frame Statuettes – These are the layout guides for white acrylic fancy frames and statuettes.

Gifts, Metal Prints, iPhone Cases, Designer Shapes – In this collection you’ll find .PSD guides many products including phone cases, Christmas ornaments, metal license plates and more!

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