Teens Abandon Facebook for Snapchat

Snapchat is the preferred social media platform for 47% of teens using the platform – up 12% year-over-year. These are the results of a recent survey by Piper Jaffray, a research firm that has collected teen attitudes and opinions over the last 17 years.

The semi-annual survey gathered input from approximately 6,100 teens with an average age of 16 years. Teen spending patterns, fashion trends, and brand and media preferences were assessed through surveying a geographically diverse subset of high schools across the U.S.

According to the survey, 47% of teens listed Snapchat as their favorite social media platform, followed by 24% who listed Instagram. Only 9% said Facebook was their favorite.

What makes this study interesting is the rapid rise in Snapchat. Over the last 2 years Snapchat rose from a quarter of teens saying it was their favorite app to half the teens in the survey.

What does this mean for your studio?

If you’re a senior grad photographer you should know how to use Snapchat. Using the Memories feature, you can share studio images uploaded to your phone’s camera roll (iOS), (Android) and post them with the right keywords to help your photography get noticed.

But the bigger play is that you can advertise your senior photography as “Snapchat ready.” Most kids only know how to snap an image and share it from their phone. By giving them access to low-res copies of their senior photos to use in their Snapchats, you’ve given them a compelling reason to want to do business with your studio.

Here’s a tip: portrait images look best on Snapchat

Want to get more serious? Consider sponsoring a Snap Ad. These ten-second audio-visual clips are more traditional but allow you the creative freedom to drive an advertisement using video content as you would on Twitter, Instagram or a similar site.

New to Snapchat? If you don’t know a teenager (the best way to learn) here’s a quick overview.

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