Unable to Update JDLab2You or Pick-a-Pack

Occasionally clients will tell us they are having trouble updating JDLab2You or Pick-a-Pack in Windows. If this happens to you, here are the steps to follow to fix it.

When double-clicking the desktop icon to start the program, you may see this dialog box pop up.

Clicking yes will bring up this second dialog box.

Naturally, you’ll want to select Modify. In some cases this may work. However, sometimes it doesn’t (yeah, Windows).

If Modify gives you an error, Repair won’t fix it. Instead choose Remove and it will step you through the uninstall procedure.

Once JDLab2You or Pick-a-Pack are removed, go to https://www.jdlab.com/services, choose JDLab2You or JD Pick-a-Pack “Current Clients.”

On the next screen click “Download & Install.”

Run or open the “launch.msi” file and it will step you through the installation procedure.

Note that removing your old copy does not remove any settings or saved/past orders. Once the new software is reinstalled, enter your contact information and you can pick up right where you left off.

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