iTag Smiles Matches Subjects and Names in Group Shots

If you shoot groups, you should know about iTagSmiles. This App for iPads streamlines the process of matching subject names and faces in group images. We first noticed them at SPAC (School and Sports Photographers) where they are a Silver sponsor (JDLab is a Platinum sponsor).

According to the author, iTag Smiles has the potential to save your studio countless hours of production time with on site subject identification. You can add individual names to group photos from your iPad using the touch-screen. This eliminates back-and-forth emails or hand-written lists to verify the names of people in a group photos. Teachers and coaches can be done in minutes.

Although we personally haven’t used the app, some of the group photographers using our lab have. They like it. The workflow is simpler than matching faces with names on spreadsheets or handwritten lists. It uses iOS facial detection to determine subject faces to match image and names with a touch only. However, to take advantage of this you’ll need an iPad, cloud storage (Box or Apple’s iCloud Drive) and to use all their features the iPad should be connected to your camera.

Although iTag Smiles normally costs $49.99 currently they are running a SPAC show discount for $19.99. The real price is the credits you have to purchase for each group photo. Credits start at $3.99 each and go down to $2.50 if purchased in packs of 25.

If you shoot groups and want to streamline name-subject matching, iTag Smiles is worth checking out. You can see the iTag Smiles workflow here.

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