custom dvd case

Custom DVD Case

Looking for a beautiful presentation package for wedding or event DVDs? Check out our Custom DVD cases. Built like our custom album covers, they feature a laminated print wrapped around hard board front and back covers with one or two CD/DVD trays inside.

These custom DVD cases are especially useful for photographers who offer wedding videography. The DVD case can be ordered with your artwork on both the case and the DVD surface ready for you to burn the wedding video to the disk. Match the case artwork to an album cover for an exquisite bridal package. We can also burn color-corrected images or a slideshow from your lab order to the disk. “Shoot and burn” photographers can add studio contact and branding artwork to make it easy for a client to order prints.

The Customer DVD case comes in three versions:

  • Custom DVD Case 1-Disc with a single disk tray on the right. $24/ea.
  • Custom DVD Case 2-Discs with a disk tray on the left and right. $24/ea.
  • Custom DVD Case with folio style image on the inside left and disk tray on the right. $33/ea.

You can find Custom DVD cases in JDLab2you under Proofs > DVDs.

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