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Layout Guides Make it Easy to Create Specialty Products, Album and Photo Book Covers

Layout guides are collections of layered PhotoShop PSD files that make it easy to lay out a product, save as a JPG image, and drop into our JDLab2You or Pick-a-Pack software. Because each layout guide comes with safe, wrap and cut guide lines, you can be assured your finished products will look great.

Watch this short video to see how easy it is to use our guides.

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JD Custom Album Design Service

wedding-albumJD’s Custom Album Design service makes it affordable for you to outsource the entire process of creating a professional wedding album.

See a sample wedding album design online. Note that each design will be unique for your client.

To use our service, drop your images in the JD image drop box via JDLab2You or mail us a CD/DVD. Be sure to include your album type, size, and cover choices in the drop box instructions.

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Cluster Canvas Gallery Wraps Are Alternative to Large Prints

For families on a budget, large, framed wall prints may be out of their price range. At the same time, relatively inexpensive canvas gallery wraps are becoming more popular. That’s why we offer special pricing on Cluster Gallery Wraps in JDLab2You.

With a little advanced planning you can offer your customers a modern alternative to large framed prints that looks great in any size room, and that you can retail them for almost the same amount as a single large print.

Banner Example

The trick is this: when taking a photograph, instead of thinking of an image as a horizontal or a vertical, think of it as a panorama.

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Creating Covers for Albums and Photo Books in JDLab2You

It is easy to create great album covers in JDLab2You if you follow these directions:

1. Decide which of our albums you are going to create: Diamond, Emerald, Sapphire, a hard cover photo book, or a soft cover photo book. Each of these types of albums have different sets of layout guides that you’ll need to use.

2. Download and save the Layout Guides .ZIP file for the type of album you’ll be creating.

3. Open the .ZIP file, and select the .PSD file for the size and cover of the album you’ll be creating.

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Does Every Picture Tell a Story? Not If You Don’t Tell One.

At some point in your life as a professional photographer, you’ll hear the sage advice, “your image should tell a story.” While that may be true, not all stories are the same.

At the most surface level, good images show emotion: happiness, sadness, love, anger or fear. Like a story, emotions caught on camera can resonate with the viewer. But unlike a true story, emotions in an image can be flat. Imagine a portrait of a happy family standing together outdoors. Yes, they are happy, but what else? Happy isn’t always interesting (although it often pays the bills).

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8 Interesting Ways to Have Fun with Photography

(c) 2010, Harry Taylor

The trade shows are over, you’ve got your marketing ready for spring, and suddenly you notice you have a little more time on your hands than normal.

Welcome to March.

Sure, you could use this opportunity to get your taxes done early (yuck) or clean out the back closet at the studio (double-yuck). But why not take the next few weeks and play with photography a bit. After all, wasn’t the “fun” of photography at least part of the reason you bought your first camera?

Below are 8 interesting ways to produce an image you would never do in your normal business. Click the links, and see if any of them look like a fun way to waste a couple of afternoons before spring arrives. Don’t worry about showing anyone your results. And who knows – you might even pick up a new and unique product to wow your clients!

Read more – An Easy Way to Sell Holiday Cards is an “unbranded” website hosted by JD that displays all the flat or folded cards available in JDLab2You.

Since JD is never mentioned anywhere on the site, you can show the My Digital Products Online website to clients at your studio, or you can call a client and have them pick a card style while you’re on the phone

Use it to quickly view all our card styles at a single place:

• Graduations, Weddings, Holidays, Announcements
• Dozens of horizontal and vertical card styles
• Folding cards include optional sentiments
• Always adding more

Bookmark and check back often. New card designs are constantly being added.

FULL DAY Workshop on June 6 | Going Beyond Photoshop and Painter

An all day workshop with Master Artist Kathy Falls

Class size is limited. Reservations must be made by May 30th!
Call JD Photo Imaging at 888-858-8084 today to guarantee your place.

Offered for the FIRST time you will have in in-depth, hands-on workshop that will teach you how to embellish your inkjet canvas and water color fine art pieces. Kathy will take you to the next level showing the latest techniques for creating ’embellished giclees’ (enhancing your inkjet canvas image with painting techniques).   You will learn these  techniques using pastel paper, exotic papers, water color paper, and inkjet canvas.

This will be a hands-on learning experience using fine art products with painting and drawing applications. You will not be working with a computer, this will be painting directly on the finished image. Kathy will show you the appropriate materials to use for each substrate and how to finish them that will preserve the artwork and the image.

At the end of the day, you will take home two 11×14″ inkjet canvas and one watercolor image that will be artistically painted by you! Kathy will provide the images that you will embellish, a $115 value!

Kathy has utilized these techniques and has had her work in many galleries in Michigan and Indiana. Most recently Kathy was awarded “Best of Show” in the 2010 Hillsdale County annual juried art show for an embellished giclee, and one Loan Print in the Professional Photographers of America 2010 International Print Competition, which she created using these techniques.


The workshop will be held on Monday, June 6 from 9 am. to 4 pm.

Registration begins at 8:30 am. Please be on time.

Lunch is included.

Cost of the workshop is $120, and will be held at JD Photo Imaging in Flint, Mi.

All materials will be provided. Class size is limited.

Kathy Falls is a Master Photographer, Master Artist, Master Electronic Imaging, Photographic Craftsman, PPA Certified Photographer, Certified E.I., Certified Photographic Specialist

How Do You Differentiate Yourself?

I’m going to make a bold statement: put two 5×7 prints of the same image in front of a high school senior – one from a pro lab and one from a big-box store – and ask them to tell you the difference. Chances are, they cannot. To them, a print is a print, and the only difference is the price. It’s like buying milk at the grocery store.

No matter how good we get at providing you with professional color, paper, “green” finishes, and convenient ordering, at the end of the day these are only incremental improvements to the products you offer your clients.

The difference between a $2 store print and a $50 print from a studio has to come from you. The fancy marketing term for this is “product differentiation.” It is the thing that makes what you offer different from both a commodity (like a snapshot) and from your competition.

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Social Advocacy Improves Facebook Marketing Success

Facebook lets you buy ads that show on the right side of a user’s main page in Facebook. They don’t cost much, and are easy to target to specific audiences. For example, you could create an ad that targets only 20-30 year old women in your zip code.

If you’ve considering buying ads on Facebook, you may be interested in a recent study by the Nielsen Group. They looked at ads by 70 different companies and discovered that ads that include social advocacy are 2-4 times more likely to be clicked on, recalled or to lead toward a purchase.

What does this mean to you?

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