Removable Graphics Make Advertising Easy

When it’s time to advertise your business, make a statement with removable graphics. They are great for promotional uses like:

  • Windows, doors, walls
  • Sign boards
  • Vehicles
  • Floors or carpet
  • Any flat surfaces

We have two kinds of removable graphics available:

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Should You Use Google Adwords for Photography?

Paying for Google Adwords is the only guaranteed way to get your photography studio on the front page of Google immediately.

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5 Print Ad Tips for Photographers

print marketing

(c) 2008 by Raphael Labbe

Print ad specifications can be confusing for photographers used to creating a 8×10″ JPG image at 300dpi in RGB colorspace. To many publications like newspapers or magazines, this makes no sense at all. It is especially confusing for print ad sales people, who only think in terms of filling column inches or quarter page ads.

To cut through some of the confusion, here are 5 tips that can help you create – and get the best print ad price – for your marketing dollar.

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Target Customers by Zip Code Using Google Adwords

google-zip-codesGoogle Adwords are a quick way to pay your way onto the front page of Google (read how Google Adwords work here). According to Google, more than 20% of searches on Google are related to location, and people often act quickly on local searches. Research shows that using smartphones, 88% of people who search for local information take action within a day.

To help you organize your local Google ads – and to keep you on budget – you can Target customers by zip code. Plus, you can get feedback on the performance of your local campaigns by viewing campaign performance statistics at the postal code level.

But here’s the cool part: you can customize your ads automatically to include the city clients are searching for.

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2 Cards for $2 in JDLab2You Helps You Sell Holiday Cards

one-dollarHere is a marketing promotion guaranteed to help you increase your holiday card sales.

Order 2 flat cards, 2 designer cards, or 2 folded greeting cards with envelopes and your custom images for only $2 in JDLab2You.

No shipping or minimum order fees. Pearl, linen, standard paper and standard paper with coating are all available at the same $2 price.

Custom samples make it easy to get holiday card orders from your clients.

Instead of showing clients generic card designs, you can show them a card you’ve customized with their image. For example, you could customize the message inside the card and mail them to your clients as part of a fall marketing campaign. Then, keep the second card as a studio sample to show other clients.

To place your 2-card order in JDLab2You, create a card as you would normally, then select one of the “2 Card Sample” options. The cards will be printed at the lab, and sent to you via first-class mail. No shipping or minimum order fees apply. You can combine several 2-card sets from different customers into a single order, or you can print different samples for the same client.

Does post card marketing still work?

Every day you find one or more postcards in your mailbox. It isn’t surprising: postcard advertising is one of the most cost effective ways to put your message directly in front of potential customers. Every post card gets read, even if just for a moment.

Unfortunately, many established studios have gotten out of the habit of sending post cards, and instead focus their marketing on (cheaper) mediums like Facebook.

The fact is that no marketing tool beats post cards when it comes to differentiating yourself as a professional photographer. Beginning photographers don’t send them: they don’t have the budget, the mailing list, or the huge selection of images to choose from to create the perfect post card.

Here are 4 simple steps to maximizing your return on a post card marketing campaign:

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Do Your Written Words Enforce Your Brand?

Most of us write in a single style (English teachers call it “tone”) we have developed over many years. We write emails, newsletters, Facebook posts, flyers, and (if you’re good at marketing) blog posts and web site pages too.

But when we’re in a hurry, we don’t always think about what our writing style says about our business. We focus on writing to give information or to persuade, and we assume our writing style will just take care of itself.

However, to turbocharge your studio’s marketing, it is important that your writing style enforces and reflects your brand.

So what do I mean by “writing style?”

Read more Helps You Keep Track of Your Local Marketing Effort

A few weeks ago, I wrote about localization, and how important it is for your studio. Basically, the goal is to make sure your studio contact information is available and up-to-date on every web-based network that lists local business.

That’s why I was happy to find, a free service that quickly shows you the current status of your business listings on the Internet.

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How Google Adwords Work

According to the experts, about 80% of us use Google to search online. To handle the hundreds of millions of online searches each day, Google needs thousands of computers running at the same time, all plugged into the Internet. And to pay for these computers (and the electric bill), Google sells ads.

Look at any page in Google, and you’ll see 1-3 text ads at the top of the page, and 1-10 ads in the right margin. Each of these ads is written and placed in Google by a company like yours or mine.

What makes Google so successful at selling these ads is the concept of CPC, or “cost-per-click.” This means that Google doesn’t charge for showing the ad. They only charge the ad’s owner when you click on the ad and go to a website.  This is completely different from an ad in a magazine or the yellow pages where you are forced to pre-pay for an ad up front, even if no one ever looks at it.

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QR Codes: What You Need to Know

jd photo imaging website QR code


QR codes are an easy (and fun) way to get smartphone users to access a page on your website or to collect emails for your marketing newsletters. Here’s what you need to know about QR codes, and how they can help market your studio.

What Are QR Codes?

QR stands for “quick response”. They are a special type of square bar code made of squares of black on a white background. In the same way that a regular barcode stores numbers, a QR code is designed to store text like a website address or an email address. In order to read a QR code, you need a smartphone (like an Android or an iPhone) and free software downloaded to the phone. You take a photo of the printed QR code with the smartphone, the software reads the code, and the phone’s browser is directed to a website or email address.

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