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Facebook Negative Reviews: Can You Fix Them?

A client recently sent me this question about Facebook reviews.

If you search for me in the Facebook search box, it brings up our studio with places being at top.  If you click “see all” you see a negative review by an irate customer that happened a while back. Is there a way to push that review down because we have had so many 5-star reviews since then? I do not want that one bad review to be the first one everyone sees.

I appreciate your frustration. With so many positive reviews to choose from, it has to be annoying when Facebook highlights your single 1-star review first. It appears from comments from other Facebook users that highlighting the lowest rated review on a business page is a common complaint.

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Facebook Business Page Updates You Should Know

If you use your Facebook business page for social media marketing, here are two new changes you should be aware of:

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Facebook, Email Headline Tips Photographers Need to Know

If you post to Facebook or send out client emails regularly, you know that some receive dozens of views, clicks and likes, while some receive almost none at all. It can get very frustrating. You put in all that effort, and it seems like nobody cares. It isn’t quite so bad if you’re just making a quick Facebook post about a great image, but it makes a big difference if a post, marketing email or newsletter article is a link back to your website as part of a marketing campaign.

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What’s the value of a Facebook Like?

Like any other small business, photographers look to Facebook and other social media as a way to increase sales at a low cost. However, other than putting a special on Facebook and waiting for the phone to ring, how do you know whether Facebook is actually increasing sales?

To answer this question, the Harvard Business Review conducted experiments over the last four years involving more than 18,000 people. They wanted to research whether attracting and engaging social media followers leads to increased sales.

The researchers focused on Facebook because of its popularity. However, they believe their findings apply across all social media platforms.

Here’s what they learned:
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Facebook Messenger for Photographers

Facebook Messenger is used by millions of people daily to communicate with both friends and businesses. Chances are, prospective clients on Facebook are just as likely to contact you via Facebook Messenger as they are by phone or email.

That’s why if you use Facebook to market your studio but aren’t using Facebook Messenger, you could be missing out on potential jobs.

Here’s what you need to know to get started.

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1 Billion Posts Were Analyzed on Facebook. The Results are Amazing.

You’ve probably never heard of Neil Patel, but you should. He’s a NYTimes author, serial entrepreneur, and helps companies like Amazon grow their revenue. The Wall Street Journal and Forbes Magazine both call him one of the top influencers on the web.

Neil was given access to the data from over 1 billion Facebook posts compiled by, a company that mines the whole Internet looking for the best content on any given topic. Clients pay thousands of dollars a year for their service. From the data they gathered, Neil and BuzzSumo learned some very interesting facts about posting on Facebook that seem to go against the common wisdom (including my own) about how you can maximize your presence on Facebook.

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Facebook Adds New Features to Business Pages

facebook for photographersFacebook wants to be the “go to” place for all of its 1.5 billion users. For example, Facebook now includes a search bar so users don’t have to use Google or Bing to search for people, companies or products online. In addition, Facebook recently launched Marketplace, where you can find, buy and sell items with those in your community. The new feature will compete directly with Craigslist and eBay.

On October 19, Facebook announced the introduction of more new features that help your potential clients “… connect with local businesses in easier and faster ways.”

What exactly does that mean for your studio? First, it means your studio can get recommendations from friends on Facebook.

When they write a Facebook post looking for advice on local places or services, they’ll have the option to turn on Recommendations for that post. Their friends can comment on the post with suggestions, and see all of them mapped out and saved in one place. Facebook users can also go to the Recommendations bookmark on Facebook (desktop only) to ask a new question or get help from their friends.

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Facebook Pixels – What you need to know

Facebook has a feature called the “Pixel” available on your business page. This is a 1×1 hidden pixel image you put on your website.  Every time someone from Facebook goes to your website, Facebook sees the pixel, and records the visit. This makes it easy to keep track of which of your Facebook fans (or potential clients clicking on ads) are clicking through to your website.

Why use the Pixel?

While you can already see how many fans or potential clients click on a post or an ad, pixels remembers who they were. You can later targeted ads to them or Facebook users just like them. You’ll never show an ad for senior portraits to a bride again!

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Is Someone Using Your Facebook Account?

Click to see full size image

Click to see full size image

Want to know if someone is logged into your Facebook account without your permission? This well hidden feature makes it easy to find out. The trick is, you have to know where to find it!

1. Select the options “down arrow” on the far right of your page.

2. Select the “Settings” menu option on the right.

3. Select the “Security” menu option on the left.

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New Facebook Cover Image Size

facebook-cover-imageOver the next several weeks, Facebook is rolling out a new 828x315px image size for the front cover photos. You’ll know if these image sizes are available on your Facebook page by seeing the profile photo to the left of your cover photo instead of being in the lower left corner.

This new 3-column layout is designed to make your website’s Facebook page look better on smart phones and tablets.

To help you redesign your cover photo, we found this great Facebook page fbsd by yoconta. Make sure you’re logged into Facebook. Then click this link and download the July 22nd .PSD file to use as a guide for lining up your photos so the subject looks good on both the desktop and mobile.

We’ll be updating our image guide soon. In the mean time, this will help get you started.