Create an Online Photography Marketing Campaign

facebook-offer2Building a successful online marketing campaign for your studio isn’t difficult, but it does take time and planning. Whether you’re marketing to brides, seniors, for a specific holiday, or if you just want to collect fans or email addresses, if you follow the steps below you can maximize your marketing efforts with the least amount of effort.

Create a Landing Page

Creating a good landing page is the most important step in the process. A landing page is a unique page on your website where you’ll send visitors to see your offer and complete a call to action. If you can add pages to your website – and it is mobile friendly – you should create a landing page there. If you have a blog, you can turn an article into a landing page. Otherwise, you can purchase a 3rd party landing page creator like or Read more

Track Social Media Links to your Website

social network statisticsHave you ever wondered how many time your studio has been mentioned on social media? A service called sharedCount will tell you in an instant, and it is free. looks up the number of times your website’s URL has been shared on major social networks. They filter it directly from the data provided by Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, LinkedIn, StumbleUpon and Google+.

Simply type in your website’s home page (or any page), click Analyze, and in a few seconds SharedCount will give you back the totals.

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If You Offer Wedding Photography Read This

wedding-statisticsWhen someone is using social media successful, it pays to notice. That’s why I was intrigued by a Wedding-focused page I recently discovered on Pinterest.

The Pinterest page is called Wedding Industry News. It collects pins about the US wedding industry: historical costs, statistics, and even a few fun facts you might not know about the professional wedding business.

The page is the brainchild of, a New Jersey resource for wedding services for brides. They make money by getting photographers, DJs, venues and other wedding industry providers in the NJ area to purchase a listing on their site. But that’s not the point. They make themselves valuable by attracting brides to their website, and use social media to do it.

If you’re a wedding photographer, here is what you can learn from them.

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3 Reasons Why You Should be on Pinterest

pinterestAre you using Pinterest to display your portrait/social images? If not, you should be. While Facebook is most commonly used by professional photographers, here are 3 important reasons you should also be posting to Pinterest.

1. Viewers are your target market. The marketing term “family memory-keepers” describes most social/portrait photographers ideal client. This is women aged 25-50 with disposable income, exactly the same demographic that uses Pinterest. For example, Pinterest use goes up before and after dinner, but drops during the 5-7pm family meal time. Do they have money? It turns out 2 in 5 Pinterest users visit on an iPad.

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Latest Trends in Social Media: What You Need to Know

social mediaMy friends 19-year old son was searching for off-campus housing at Northwood University in Midland, where he will be returning to school in the fall. He called his mother excitedly, telling her he’d found both a 2-bedroom house and a roommate.

“How do you know your roommate will like it?” his mother asked.

“I’ve already sent him a video from my phone,” he said.

“Can you send it to me?” his mother asked.

“Nope. You’re not on Snapchat.”

The social media landscape is constantly changing. While posting daily on Facebook may have worked in the past, it is no longer enough. Here are 3 trends you should be aware of if you want to turbo-charge your social media marketing.

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Why Professional Photographers Should be Using Pinterest

pinterest for pro photographersIf you are a professional wedding/portrait photographer, target market includes females between the ages of 25 and 54. So what are the demographics for the typical Pinterest user?

  • 82% of visitors are female
  • 79% fall between the ages of 25-54

I’m not sure why Pinterest attracts women, but there are several theories. As one woman wrote, “Pinning is kind of like shopping, but it’s free.” at Photoshelter argues that Pinterest is “aspirational.” Pinterest users pin things they like, whether or not they can afford it.

So with Pinterest brimming with high page views and your target market, creating a Pinterest site will be a proven moneymaker for you, right?

Actually, it will not.

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7 Most Important Factors to Website Page Rank on Google

google_logoThe number and quality of social media links in Google+ and Facebook are the most important factors in Google website page ranking position, according to the 2013 annual study by

Each year, does an exhaustive analysis of webpages to determine what weight Google applies to each of several dozen factors when determining how high your website should place on Google. The higher the correlation, the more important the factor is in your website’s page rank. The top factors are:

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Social Media Key To Future Photographic Studio Marketing

customer-interaction-changesWhen I was a boy, I remember surfing through the channels on TV and stopping on an interview with Prince Charles, who was at that time assumed to be the future king of England. I stopped at the exact moment the interviewer asked the prince, “When will you get married?

What Prince Charles basically said was this: “As the future king, I’ve had the opportunity to speak with presidents, kings, philosophers and some of the greatest minds of our generation, and they’ve all said the same thing: wait until you’re 30.

At that moment, somehow through my addled brain, a single, clear thought emerged: “This is great advice. I’m going to follow it.

I thought of that story again when I read that IBM had recently spoke with 1,700 CEOs worldwide and asked them, “What are the most utilized customer interaction methods today, and what do you predict in the next 3-5 years?” This is the largest survey of its kind ever taken.

The answers were not surprising. Click the graphic to see the results.

Here are some highlights:

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Use Pinterest to Build Your Business

Pinterest for professional photographers by jd photo imagingHave you joined Pinterest yet? Pinterest is the fastest growing social media platform today. Why should you care?

• The amount of click-throughs from Pinterest are greater than YouTube, LinkedIn, and Google+ combined.

• The majority of Pinterest users are women ages 25-44, the target market for many kinds of professional photography.

So let’s say you’ve signed up for a Pinterest account. Here are a couple of ways you can use Pinterest to market your business.

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Have You Joined Pinterest Yet? Your Clients Have.

Pinterest for pro photographers by jd photo imagingHave you joined Pinterest yet? It’s the biggest, newest social networking site on the Internet today, and it is the perfect place for professional photographers to show their best work to potential clients.

Here’s how Pinterest works: you “pin” photographs that interest you (pin+interest, get it?) to a virtual wall in your account. Other folks can “like” your photos (connects with Facebook) or can “re-pin” your photos to their walls.

What makes Pinterest so compelling for photographers is that it revolves around great photography. Every “pin” starts with a photograph, and many have less than a single sentence description. It is easy to start looking at someone else’s pins, and end up discovering a whole new style of photography you never knew existed.

The other thing that should interest photographers is the kind of folks on Pinterest: 10 million style and image-conscious women with disposable income. Even Facebook can’t put so many potential clients within your grasp for free.

Getting started with Pinterest is easy. Go to the page and request an invite. You’ll get one in a few days. Or you can ask one of your female clients for an invite. Chances are, they are already using it.