iTag Smiles Matches Subjects and Names in Group Shots

If you shoot groups, you should know about iTagSmiles. This App for iPads streamlines the process of matching subject names and faces in group images. We first noticed them at SPAC (School and Sports Photographers) where they are a Silver sponsor (JDLab is a Platinum sponsor).

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Google ends support for Nik Collection

Google has announce that they will no longer offer updates for the popular Nik Collection via a banner on the tool’s website.

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Color Space Converter in Google Chrome

If you’ve ever had an RGB color you need to convert into HEX or RGB values, did you know a color converter is built into the Google Chrome browser?

Simply open google, type the color value into the search bar, and Google will return the color code along with all the conversion values: HEX, RGB, HSV, HSL and CYMK.

Sure, this option is already in Photoshop. But why waste your time when the conversion you need is only 1 click away?


148 Photo Editing Tools and Apps

photo-appsDid you ever wonder if there was a piece of photo editing software or an application you could use to simplify the process of working with images? Or perhaps you wondered what the alternatives were to a program you were using or thinking about purchasing?

Here’s the ultimate list.

Nazar Begen is on the team at, and he decided as part of their marketing to make the definitive list of every photo editing application on the market. The list is being updated continuously, but as of today it has 148 programs with descriptions, links to each, and prices. The list includes photo enhancers, free and paid desktop editors, HDR Photo Editors, cross-platform image editors, photo filters, RAW processors and more.

You can view his most recent list here.

You may never need this list, but if you’re like me, you’ll bookmark it. Someday you’ll have a challenge or want to do something special with an image and think, “I wonder if there’s an app for that?” It probably turn out that there is.

Safely Stop Windows 10 Auto-Update

aaIf you run Windows 7 or 8 on your computer, you should have noticed Microsoft encouraging (nagging?) you to download and install Windows 10 for free. Windows 10 is the latest generation operating system from Microsoft. Their goal is to upgrade as many computers as possible so they can stop support for older operating systems.

While we’ve heard many positive comments about Windows 10 on new PCs, we’ve also heard of problems on older computers after the automatic update. Some devices like printers and scanners will work fine, and others will not. It’s a roll of the dice. If you’re considering updating a working, business or production computer, it may be a risk you do not want to take.

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Nik Collection Photo Editing Software Now Free

nik-collection-photographersGoogle’s high-end, seven-piece Nik Collection of photo editing software is now free for all. The company announced in a statement Thursday that it is no longer charging for the collection — comprised of seven desktop plug-ins that allow users to add filters to images, retouch them and more. It previously sold for $149. Nik’s applications are compatible with Photoshop, Lightroom and Aperture.

The Nik Collection includes seven desktop plug-ins: Analog Efex Pro, Color Efex Pro, Silver Efex Pro, Viveza, HDR Efex Pro, Sharpener Pro and Dfine. The collection is available online for download.

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Increase Sales with Projected Sales Presentations

projected-image-salesDuring our recent Wall Portrait Sales webinar, Charles and Todd Lewis suggested using a software program called ProSelect. Although we’ve been familiar with the program for years (it reminds me of ProShots), some of you may not know about it. But you should. ProSelect has all of the features and functionality needed to create a professional projected sales presentation.

Projected sales presentations have been used by many of the top wedding and family portrait photographers for years. Clients sit in a living-room environment in the studio, and watch a slide show of the event or portrait sitting. They then work with the photographer over the next hour or more to create an album, choose wall portraiture, or order photo gifts like parent’s albums. This technique has been shown to consistently result in bigger sales than the original packages ordered.

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Offer Clients the Image Files They Really Want


More and more clients are demanding a DVD of color-corrected high-res images as part of their package. If you don’t offer this service, some of them won’t do business with you.

However, studies from Kodak and others reveal that once you give a client a DVD, it usually ends up in a drawer. Only a few clients have the time, expertise and patience to crop images and resize them for what they really want to use the images for – social media like Facebook.

So instead of saying “no” to a client, here is an alternative. Why not add a new service add-on to your packages that gives them what they want, while giving you control of the original images. Offer a USB thumb drive with all the images they have ordered in folders pre-sized to look best on their favorite social media platform.

How do you do this?

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Kodak Professional Unveils New Software for Pro Photographers

Kodak-professional-logoLast month, more than 160 pro lab professionals gathered in Rochester, NY for the annual pro lab workshop. As a Kodak pro lab, JD was part of this 3-day event.

One of the workshops introduced the Kodak Professional Keepsakes Collections & Creations (KC2) software. KC2 is designed to be a new way for photographers to send their orders to Kodak pro labs like JD.

Although KC2 is still in alpha testing, here’s what we learned:

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Creating and Saving Packages in JD Pick-a-Pack

One of the benefits of JD’s Pick-a-Pack for School, Sports & Events is the ability to create custom packages of groups of products for each client, or to use them for multiple clients to save time. Here’s how it works:

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