Create Custom PPA Marketing Videos

ppa-logoIf you have a slide show in your studio waiting room to show clients your work, why not make it more interesting by upgrading to video? The Professional Photographers of America (PPA) makes it easy with a series of short 2-3 minute Youtube videos that PPA members can show in their studio.

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Post a Facebook Video in 6 Easy Steps

Posting videos directly to Facebook is easy once you know how.

Why post your videos directly to Facebook? Research shows that directly embedded videos get over 6 times the interaction of YouTube videos.

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Market to Millennials with Video

As the generation of consumers born between 1980-2000 starts buying photography, you need to use video marketing to reach them.

That’s according to the Online and Social Video Marketing Study released by Animoto, creator of a video creation application. Its survey of U.S. consumers indicates that 70 percent of millennials are likely to watch a video when shopping online, and 80 percent find video helpful when researching a purchase decision online.

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Posting Videos on Facebook vs. YouTube

fb-vs-ytubeFor years, photographers have been posting videos on YouTube, then linking to them in Facebook. However, now that Facebook lets you upload videos directly, many photographers have made the switch and now post their videos directly to Facebook.

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Content Marketing For Professional Photographers

photographerI was reading an infographic on marketing in Entrepreneur magazine and it argued that content marketing has proven to be more effective than advertising online for sales. Content marketing basically means sharing useful information with a potential client.

It’s common sense, if you think about it. People are more likely to do business with – and even pay a little more to – someone they trust. Content marketing builds trust, which leads to sales.

But what made the infographic most interesting to me is that the authors had directly measured the different kinds of content to determine what works best. They found that 3 of the most effective kinds of content were a.) customer testimonials, b.) case studies, and c.) product collateral.

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Social Media Checklist for Photographers – 2017

SEO checklist for photographersWhen you’re working on social media – newsletters, Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn – there are several best practices you should know. We’ve scoured the Internet and listed them all here for your convenience. Bookmark this article and you can refer back to it the next time you’re posting on social media.

The good news is that while the “best practices” for email, newsletters, and social media like Facebook rarely changes, it seems like the recommended image sizes change every few months. Fortunately I found a new image size “cheat sheet” online. The link is at the bottom of this page. The good thing about this cheat sheet is that it was just updated so you can refer to it until the next batch of image size changes comes along.

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8 Videos You Can Make to Drive Clients to Your Studio’s Website

photographer-videoVideo is the next big thing in social media and marketing. But if you’re like most photographers, you probably don’t have a clue what you’d actually make a video about. That’s why I’ve taken the time to find 8 good examples of videos you could make – probably with the video features on the SLR you already own. Here are a couple of notes:

• Except for a 3 professionally shot videos, most of them are 2-3 minutes long. Experts agree this is the best length for holding someone’s interest and making the video easy to watch on a smart phone or ipad. It also makes it easier to do a couple “takes” until you get the video just right.

• These are low-res videos posted to YouTube. Your clients don’t expect HD quality for a video that will only be 2-4 inches tall on a screen.

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5 Marketing Priorities for Every Photographer in 2013

moving-forward-in-13With up to 80% of consumers reporting that in 2012 they searched for a service online before calling, strengthening your web presence as part of your total marketing plan is more important than ever before. Here is a checklist of 5 items you need to stay competitive in 2013. If you’ve done them, great! If not, they should go to the top of your to-do list.

1. Make your Studio  easy to find. You should already be listed in Google Places, Yahoo, Bing and more. Search for yourself as though you were a potential client. If you aren’t easy to find – or if your online contact info is out of date – this should be the top priority on your list.

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Live Streaming Video: Would You Offer Your Brides This Service?

We are a mobile country. When a young couple gets married, more and more friends and family are being asked to travel to attend the ceremony. Imagine a couple who meet at college, each one from a different state. I’ve talked to brides trying to coordinate bridesmaid’s dresses and groomsman’s tuxedos for friends from around the country who would not meet until the wedding day.

And for every person who attends the wedding, there is someone else that would like to have attended, but couldn’t afford to fly in for the wedding.

With online video now so commonplace, would the couple be interested in a live streaming video of the ceremony? Could you offer this service? It is a lot easier to do than you think.

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VideoExpress Contest Winner

The video contest is over. Jennifer Duval, owner of Mountain Bows Studio in Colorado Springs, CO was the first JDPI friend to upload her video to our Facebook page.

Here is the video. Pretty cute…you should check it out.

“I just wanted to say thanks for sharing the link,” Jennifer said. “It actually does a fantastic job. I hope to spend some time next week looking at all that it can do.”

For being the first person to upload a link, Jennifer will receive a $25 lab credit.

Anyone else had a chance to play with the software? Share your videos with us.