6 Marketing Projects Wedding Photographers Can Do in an Hour or Less

If you’re a wedding photographer, this is the slow season. Weddings pick up in the spring, and continue until fall. But after November, you may have a tendency to wait until spring again to gear up your marketing efforts.

Here are 6 things you can do in the next few weeks to improve your marketing for 2017. If you do them now, it will increase your online exposure over the coming months, and even improve the likelihood of potential brides finding you in 2018 and beyond.

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Vintage Wedding Videos

Recently I developed an online addiction: vintage wedding videos.  The best are created by the British Film Institute. BFI has digitized 1,000s of films, beautifully preserved, unseen until now. Many of them can be seen on Youtube.

What makes these videos so fascinating to me is that even though they were taken 100 years ago, the videos show many of the wedding traditions they followed were ones we still have today.

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Wedding Industry Trends

wedding album for pro photographer by jd photo imaging labIf you are a wedding photographer, here are some industry trends you may find interesting:

1. In 2014, the average spent on photographer $2,556. Amount spent on videographer: $1,794. Source

2. Couples spend on average $1,661 for a wedding photographer, $325 for a Photo DVD, $421 for an engagement session, $234 for prints, and $449 for album(s). Source:

3. “Digital-only” or “digital-plus” events accounted for more than 50% of wedding photography packages sold in the US last year. Source:

4. Over 50% of couples will purchase a Photo DVD. About half will purchase an engagement session or prints. Only one-third will purchase an album. Source:

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Easy Wedding Reception Live Slideshows

live-slideshowWedding reception slideshows have been around for years, but many photographers have avoided them because they had a complicated workflow:

• Shoot images
• Download from the camera’s memory card to a PC
• Sort and select images on the PC
• Start the slideshow
• Repeat

This workflow requires either, a) the photographer stop shooting to update the slideshow, or b) a helper to swap memory cards and run the slideshow all evening.

That’s why I was interested to read about a photographer who was using a setup for runway fashion photography that could easily be adapted to a wedding reception. Here was his solution. Read more

If You Offer Wedding Photography Read This

wedding-statisticsWhen someone is using social media successful, it pays to notice. That’s why I was intrigued by a Wedding-focused page I recently discovered on Pinterest.

The Pinterest page is called Wedding Industry News. It collects pins about the US wedding industry: historical costs, statistics, and even a few fun facts you might not know about the professional wedding business.

The page is the brainchild of, a New Jersey resource for wedding services for brides. They make money by getting photographers, DJs, venues and other wedding industry providers in the NJ area to purchase a listing on their site. But that’s not the point. They make themselves valuable by attracting brides to their website, and use social media to do it.

If you’re a wedding photographer, here is what you can learn from them.

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JD Custom Album Design Service

wedding-albumJD’s Custom Album Design service makes it affordable for you to outsource the entire process of creating a professional wedding album.

See a sample wedding album design online. Note that each design will be unique for your client.

To use our service, drop your images in the JD image drop box via JDLab2You or mail us a CD/DVD. Be sure to include your album type, size, and cover choices in the drop box instructions.

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Diamond Albums with Metallic Paper Are One of a Kind

diamond-metallicIf you’ve been looking for a premium product to offer your wedding clients, why not try a Diamond album with metallic paper?

JD’s Diamond albums are the finest albums available. Each is hand-made from genuine Kodak prints mounted on heavy backing, then finished with rounded edges in a lay-flat design.

When combined with metallic paper, the Diamond album is amazing. It has a look that your clients will not see anywhere else.

To order your Diamond album with metallic paper, simply click the “Page Finish” option after your album is completed in JDLab2You.

Learn more about Diamond albums.

Get started with JDLab2You.

Wedding & Fashion Workshop with Sam Sarkis Aug 13-14th

993613_10151468414077551_113482Sam Sarkis will hold a wedding & fashion workshop titled “It’s a Go for Launch: Preparing your 2013 Wedding Season for Success” on August 13 through August 14, 2013 from 9am to 5pm in Farmington, Michigan. Price is $295 before July 26th, or $395 after.

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Mario Munoz Wows DPPA in Day-Long Seminar

dppa-mario-munozMario Munoz was the guest speaker at the May 21st DPPA course “Step up Your Wedding Game.” After a full day demonstrating many of the photographic techniques that go into his signature style, he spent the evening explaining to about 50 DPPA members how he markets to brides.

Mario started out with a story. In the Munoz family, mother, father and 4 brothers are all shooters. He said that one day they sat down and tried to figure out where most of their referrals came from. This was their list (in order):

• Venues
• Florists
• Wedding planners
• Bands & DJs

Then they realized that venues and florists wanted what the photographer offered: quality digital images. By providing venues and florists with images, they reasoned they should get even more referrals.

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Wedding DJ Gives Tips for Professional Photographers

DJ for wedding photographersby Corey Blaz, MC Sound

I’m a professional wedding DJ; I’ve been in the business for 7 years and have somewhere around 50 weddings under my belt.

I see it as part of my job to set the scene for you take the best shots you possibly can. I create the moments, you capture them. Whether or not you realize it, we’re a team. There’s no reset switch, we only have one chance to get it right. The better we can work together, the better the outcome is for everyone.

To help us work better together, here’s some things I think you should know:

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