Questions about Color Correction from a New Client

We had a new client send us several questions in an email, and Heidi in customer service took the time to answer in writing. She did such a good job, we thought we would share her answers here:

Dear JD,

I’m just starting out and am new to this, so I have a few questions. How do I know if I need Color Correction service or not? I’m using Photoshop to edit my photos. Will that bother printing in anyway? Also, can I change the tones myself like B&W/Sepia instead of color, or do I need to use your system?

And lastly – pricing on wallets – how exactly does it work?

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White balance made easy

We recommend you manually white-balance your digital cameras in the field every time the light changes. A custom white balance has several advantages over the automatic white-balance feature in your camera:

  • It helps you correct for over or under exposure.
  • It makes it easier to shoot the full dynamic range of white to black without muddiness or hot spots.
  • It makes it easier to achieve good skin tones.
  • It allows you to shoot JPG instead of RAW, so you can save smaller images on your camera’s PC card.

If you don’t know how to manually white-balance, you can start by reviewing the instructions on our website or the instructions in your camera’s manual.

However, since you’re going to need a calibration target anyway, I recommend the one from Photovision. Each target comes with Ed Pierce’s free Instructional DVD. The information on the DVD is worth more than the price of the calibration target – it’s like getting a private training class for free!

From the DVD you learn – step-by-step – how to insure that you have consistent color and density on every photograph, regardless of camera, lighting conditions, or type of photography.

You can order the popular 24″ target with instructional DVD directly from the lab at the same price they charge at Photovision. We’ll drop it in your next shipment of photographs and bill your lab account.