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Training Center

Training Center

At JD Photo Imaging we are committed to providing you with the all the tools you need to be successful as both a professional photographer and a business owner

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ROES & JDLab2You Layout Guides

(Photoshop layered PSD files for each size product combined in a Zip file)

Diamond Albums

Emerald Albums

Hard Cover Sapphire Albums & Photo Books

Soft Cover Sapphire Albums & Photo Books

Canvas-Gallery Wraps with 1.5" Bars

Press Printed Cards

Gifts, Metal Prints, iPhone Cases, Designer Shapes

Fancy Frame Statuettes

Designer Cards

ROES Order Upload Problems

Windows7 and Java7 have a known problem using Java to upload files via FTP. Until Microsoft fixes this bug, here is a solution.

Option #1: Save the file ConfigFTP.bat to your desktop, right-click file, and select "Run as Administrator." Download ConfigFTP.bat.

Option #2: Log into Windows as Administrator. From the Windows desktop, click the Start button and type "cmd.exe." You may be asked to choose Run as Administrator. A black command window will open. In the command window, type (or copy and paste):

netsh advfirewall set global StatefulFTP disable

Exactly as shown. Your user name may be different from what is shown.

Java Fix

Option #3: Remove Java 7 and install Java 6, which can be obtained here.

Other ROES or JDLab2You and Java Conflicts

Unable to Start ROES, even after you have uninstalled and re-installed Java.

Unable to upload orders: Resolve conflict between Java and Avast Antivirus or Avast Internet Security.

AVG AntiVirus 2013 Prevents Installation and Order Uploads

Queued and Previously Saved Orders in ROES

Queued and Previously Saved Orders in JDLab2You

Restoring Your ROES or JDLab2You Desktop Icon

LabPrints Video Tutorials & Layout Guides

Create a New Project

Backup and Manage Projects

Album Layout

Design Flush Album Pages and Composites

Online Storefront and Pricing

Create Custom Masks

Selling with LabPrints


Sapphire and Photo Book Guides (zip)

ImageQuix Online Demo

Vando Online Client Software

Color Calibration:

Should You Use JD Deluxe or Econo Printing?

Getting Consistent Color with Econo Printing

Studio Color Calibration Checklist

JD Photo Imaging Lab Catalogs

Wedding/Senior/Portrait Catalog

Undergrad/Sports Catalog

Calibration Prints

Calibration Print April 2010 (Right-click to save file to your hard drive)

JD Photo Imaging Lab Fax Forms

Digital Undergrad Services Instruction Sheet

Sports and Prom Invoice

Undergrad Invoice